Make the

A Practical Guide to Parents and Practitioners for Teaching the Nonverbal Child to Communicate - with AAC

Susan Berkowitz

Make the Connection:

A Practical Guide to Parents and Practitioners for Teaching the Nonverbal Child to Communicate - with AAC

An AAC implementation road map from
Susan Berkowitz, SLP

ISBN-13: 978-1945533013

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"This book is the tool that allows you to shorten your learning curve and better serve your clients or children who use AAC, a must for anyone expanding communication through technology."

- Nydia Celina Villoria, Parent

"In this book, Susan Berkowitz has captured the challenges faced by professionals, paraprofessionals and families as they work to support their children who use AAC. Her extensive experience working not only with students but also their school teams and families has allowed her to develop a clear, practical, and badly-needed AAC implementation resource. I’m thrilled to have an excellent new resource in my arsenal to share with student teams and caregivers!"

- Lauren Schwartz Enders, SLP

"Thumbs up for “Parents and Professionals as Partners: Teaching the Nonverbal Child to Communicate with AAC”! This book is a must-have for the professional toolkit of clinicians and caretakers working with pediatric AAC clients. It provides a practitioner- and family-friendly overview on critical topics to make AAC implementation a success. An essential contribution to the clinical AAC literature!"

- Oliver Wendt, PhD, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Central Florida, USA; Associate Editor, Augmentative and Alternative Communication

"As a parent embarking on a journey to support your child with communication needs, this book will guide you through a deep understanding of AAC, its use and its implementation. A must for every parent trying to shorten their learning curve!"

- SM, Parent

"This book is a step-by-step resource guide to ensure that every child with special needs will have their voice heard. The ideas and strategies outlined here foster collaboration between parents and staff to get everyone on the same page. Both families and educators will know what to do, how to do it, and why it is important in a practical roadmap for success."

- Phyl Macomber, M.S.,ATP, Author, Keynote Speaker & Education Specialist, President of Make a Difference, Inc.

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What’s Inside?

Make the Connection
Forward (ix)
1. Introduction to Terminology & AAC (1)
2. The Truths & Myths Surrounding AAC (21)
3. Types of AAC Systems (46)
4. AAC Assessments (110)
5. Intervention Strategies and Technique (143)
6. How to Provide the 200 Opportunities/day (221)
7. Intro to Literacy Skills (278)
8. Notes on getting AAC into an IEP (318)
9. Getting Through the IEP (372)
Appendix (377)

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About the author:

Susan has been a SLP for more than 40 years, during which time she has concentrated predominantly on Augmentative-Alternative Communication (AAC); except for 8 years working in a school district with significantly language-learning disabled students K-8. She has worked for more than 45 years with students with autism. Susan has extensive background in psychology, special education, speech pathology and audiology, school administration, and Applied Behavior Analysis.

She has worked as a practitioner, supervisor, Director of the Communication Department, and Director of Education. Susan’s clinical experience has included public and non-public schools, nonprofit community agencies, residential settings, and her own private practice. She has been published in peer-reviewed professional journals, and presented at national and international conferences; including ASHA, ATIA, CSUN, CTG, and the Annual ABA Conference.

Susan has provided professional training to school district staffs in California and Massachusetts on Inclusion, implementation of AAC, Scope and Implementation of Assistive Technology, Working with Students on the Spectrum, and more. She has recently completed a book, “Make the Connection,” providing how-to advice for parents and SLPs new to AAC. Susan holds certification in Mobile Technology for Students with Disabilities and the Wisnia-Kapp Reading Program, in addition to her Clinical Cs and licenses and classroom certifications. Susan Berkowitz received her B.A. in psychology from Clark University, her M.S. in Speech-Pathologist and Audiology from Tulane, and an M.Ed. in Education Administration from California State University at Fullerton.

She also creates and sells adapted special education and AAC curricular materials on her website ( and on Teachers Pay Teachers (


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